WKTRS - Episode Sixty Nine - That’s us Deid

In a monumental show, David and Liam say goodbye in what appears to be the last ever We Killed the Radio Star Podcast.  They hold back their tears long enough to discuss David’s recent trip to Blackpool, where‘small’ pasta means something else and Gyms have secret entrances.  Conversation of their time at the Kevin Smith Q&A in Glasgow and one member of the podcast’s graduation ceremony allows for conversation on the origin of the show.  The question of the week discovers lessons learned and uncovers some time travelling wishes, whereas the stupid question of the week involves deliberately damaging a car.  In the last ever news stories of the week, the hosts find articles on an alligator running rampage and being “too sexy to serve”.  Drawing a conclusion to their quiz, currently at 2-2, David and Liam share their knowledge on Hitler.  All this week on the last ever edition of the We Killed the Radio Star Podcast!

We’d like to thank music.mevio.com for providing music for the podcast.  Please check out www.wekilledtheradiostar.com and follow our twitter page - @wekilledstar.  The song this week was The End by DriftDivision!

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