WKTRS - Episode Sixty Six - My Lesbian Love Tattoo

Running from twats and neds, Liam starts the conversation this week with discussion of the latest dreams he has had involving hiding in bins and scary vets.  The two brainstorm careers for an indecisive friend, give the term “neds” a new meaning, discuss the awesomeness of gold gowns and make the best purchases of their life.  Banter continues as Liam laughs at hitting a mate in the head and David contemplates sleeping rough for a good seat at an event.  The hosts talk about a recent 21st birthday party they have both attended including DJ joke books, spilling jagermeister dramatically and avoiding looking like drowned rats.  The question of the week reveals ones excitement at being a godfather and the others ability at playing the bass and the news stories this week feature people failing at not eating and somehow includes the episode title.  All this week on the We Killed The Radio Star Podcast!

We’d like to thank music.mevio.com for providing music for the podcast.  Please check out www.wekilledtheradiostar.com and follow our twitter page - @wekilledstar.  The song this week was I’m so Busy by The Alice Project!

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