WKTRS - Episode Sixty Five - Bail Fail

Accepting of their uselessness to the universe, David begins this week by discussing his graduation that is coming soon.  They think of the potential shenanigans that can be caused in a video link room, interesting colour choices for graduation gowns and opportunities to come up with nicknames.  Liam has been “helping” a friend study for his university re-sit this week, by staring at two other friends tutor him through the perils and pitfalls of maths and has been reminiscing on the not-so-good times of his digital photography class.  Liam contemplates Rise of the Planet of the Apes and decides on an advert he is going to make in the future.  The question of the week uncovers some fisticuffs’ they have been a part of in the past and asks if Liam’s almighty query can live up to the hype.  The news stories this week involve an interesting form of legal tender and the most intelligent jailbird ever.  All this week on the We Killed The Radio Star Podcast!

We’d like to thank music.mevio.com for providing music for the podcast.  Please check out www.wekilledtheradiostar.com and follow our twitter page - @wekilledstar.  The song this week was Microphones in the Mattress by Ballerina Black!

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